Monday Morning Musings

It's Monday morning. I've been awake since around 5:00 a.m., thanks in part to the cats. They were racing around after each other. I'm thrilled they've bonded so well but I have to admit I was also wondering why I got the second cat for a few minutes.

It's a beautiful day here. Sunny but on the cooler side. My inside temp was down to 68F this morning. For me, that's perfect weather. We still need rain, however. The fire is still burning west of here and is only 50% contained. They truly need a break. As in a good, all-night rain.

My niece and I may do a beach day this afternoon. She's tired and sore from her shows this weekend and from an accident she had cleaning out the stalls to go home. She was emptying her wheelbarrow onto the manure pile when she tripped and fell down the ramp. Not what she needed after two days spent in the saddle.

It hasn't taken Miss Maddie long to adjust. She just sat up on her haunches, like a prairie dog and tried to box the dog's ears. She can't quite reach even on her haunches. The dog is huge.

It already feels like these days are flying by...



Chris said...

Glad to hear the cat is fitting in ;) 68 degrees sounds beautiful!! It's currently 95 here and hot as can be! I hope you make it to the beach this afternoon. Sounds like a wonderful plan. Hope your niece is ok...what a miserable fall!

DesLily said...

hmmm, I know your profile says you live in the great white north.. but ummm " may do a beach " sure sounds southern California!

cj said...

Chris -

She's hurting but okay. And the break is very nice, let me tell you. And, surprisingly, it wasn't really a good beach day. Cool and windy.

Deslily -

Yes, I'm in the great white north - the UP of Michigan - but we do have beaches here, which I guess gives me something in common with Southern California.


Bookfool said...

I keep thinking, "I want a second cat" and my cat keeps looking at me like, "I'm so adorable. You have to admit that I fulfill all your pet needs, right? Right?" So, you know. One cat.

Renae said...

Cats are awesome !! Glad you are enjoying them. I hope your neice is alright. That doesn't sound like a nice fall, especially down a ramp.

cj said...

Bookfool -

Older cats don't adapt as easily as the younger ones do, so I can understand why you don't want to disrupt the household. The best solution is, when the time comes, get two at the same time. I intend to do that, if at all possible, the next time I go looking for a dog.

Renae -

The cats are cook, in spite of their odd hours. And the niece is doing okay. She felt well enough today to go for a walk with me. She's a pretty tough cookie and the typical stubborn, stoic Finn.