Book Challenges

When do you admit you're in over your head and declare defeat?

Now, it seems.

I've been trying to remember what challenges I've signed up for and I can't. Not all of them.

So, with apologies to everyone, I am withdrawing from most of them. It's basically an act of self-preservation. Real life has been a huge pain in the butt as of late and there isn't an end in sight any time soon. My reading time has diminished because of it, too. So, I find myself gravitating towards those books I really want to read and they, too often, don't line up with any of the challenges I think I've signed up for. Reading what I want to read will always come first otherwise it becomes too much like a chore.

There are exceptions, however. These are the ones I intend to keep working on:

The Pulizer Prize Challenge.
The Book Awards Challenge.
The Four-Legged Friends Challenge.

And I may try to read at least one book in response to Bellezza's Japanese Reading Challenge but that depends on whether or not I can find any of the books she's listed that sound interesting to me.

My problem, I fully realize, is that I signed up for more than those challenges and then did nothing. I didn't get a list of books together and more importantly, I didn't even jot down that I had signed up for them. With my life the way it is at times, that's a very bad combination for me. I put things aside with good intentions but never manage to get back to them.

So, anyway, there we are. My apologies to everyone (I hope there aren't too many of you) that I'm abandoning. And from here on out, when I sign up for something, I intend to do much better by all of you.


Chris said...

Don't feel bad, CJ. I'd say it's a smart move by you! These challenges aren't meant to be anxiety provoking, they're meant to be fun, but they can definitely become overwhelming! I'm just about there. I'm going to try to see them through, but I've told myself not to beat myself up if I don't finish them all....I think I'll have to accept defeat on some of these!

cj said...

Thanks, Chris. I'm not exactly beating myself up over not getting them done but I am kicking myself for being too lazy to get going on them.

From now on I'll be much more responsible. Hopefully.


Literary Feline said...

I'm feeling overwhelmed with challenge books right now too. Those combined with review books. Ugh. I am so close to finishing two of the challenges I've kept up with all year though and so I don't want to back down just yet. I do know that at least one I won't be completing. I just can't bring myself to officially back out yet. :-(

I think it's great that you've decide to let some of the challenges go, especially since you were feeling overwhelmed. We read for the fun of it, and it's just not worth it when it starts to loose some of that pleasure.

BookGal said...

The challenges are only fun if they encourage reading and make it fun. When it becomes overwhelming, then it takes the joy out of reading for me. I might be abandoning the 2nds Challenge. I just can't get into my last two books.

cj said...

LF -

That's the way I see it, too. Better to let some go than take the joy out of something I'm passionate about. If RL was a little saner it wouldn't be a problem but, it's not.

Bookgal -

I enjoyed the 2nds Challenge but they were all books I knew I'd enjoy because I enjoyed the first ones so much. I'm struggling through A Canticle for Lebiowitz right now but I'm determined to finish it. Hopefully.