Sifting thoughts...


Haven't done one of these in a long, long time.

But, I've just posted my new, probably to be revised, idea of a book chat.  Let me know what you think, would you?  Should I include more about the book itself?  Or more of my thoughts?  It's a work in progress, so let me know what you think!

It's a beautiful day here, at least from the inside of my windows.

On the outside it's 22F, which isn't bad for January, but we're still under a lake effect snow advisory.  I  have no idea how much we've already gotten, but it is substantial.  Thankfully I have an amazing sister and brother-in-law because my gout has been keeping me relatively inactive and they've shoveled my drive twice.  Bless them.  Seriously.  I'd be lost without them.


What else do I have?

Last year saw the marriage of one of my nieces in October.  She was absolutely gorgeous and her husband was certainly handsome.  It was, as most weddings are, a stressful event... but it was a joyous one, too:

Lot's of smiles, plenty of laughter, good food, great music... 

And we'll be repeating it this September, when her sister ties the knot:

I can't wait.  I'm crazy proud of both these beautiful young women and of the lives they have created, for themselves and for their young men...

As for me...

My life is pretty uneventful.  I work, I write, I spend time with the furkids.  It's quiet, but at my age, quiet is a good thing.  The gout is on it's way to be controlled, despite this weekends flare.  I know that and I know I must be patient and watch what I eat... 

Not my strongest points at times.

I hope y'all have had a good weekend, filled with sunshine and happy times!


Trish said...

More sifting thoughts!! I miss these posts. Your nieces are beautiful and they are lucky to have such a caring and loving aunt like you. My family is so big that while I love my aunts I didn't experience the closeness that we could have had their been less nieces and nephews (there are 34 of us not including spouses--and now 56 great-grandchildren?).

I'm sorry the gout has been so painful. I don't really know much about gout...except the pain. I hope you find relief soon.

cj said...


It's always so nice to have you stop by!!

You're comments about my nieces are lovely and much appreciated. I've truly been blessed to have such a special relationship with them. I don't know how I got so lucky. Well.. yes I do, to a small degree. I took an active, constant interest in their lives. I was always there for them. There's not much more to it than that.

The gout is still causing me problems. I think it was triggered by a shift change and the messed up sleep cycle that comes along with it. I'm hoping to talk to my doctor about it on Monday.

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