Sifting thoughts... post winter storm version


Were you in it?

Did you hear about it?

We had a good ol' fashioned winter storm Friday and Saturday.

The screwy thing about it was it was the worst storm of the winter... and it's March.

Got some photos for you:

The first three were taken the day after, in my backyard. Riley loves the snow...
The next two were taking at work, early Saturday morning, while it was still snowing. 

This is looking from my office, across the parade ground toward a resident  hall...

Also from my office, but looking east toward the library...

At about 0145 Saturday morning, while I was at work, the power went out.  Completely.  Buildings, lots, everything.  I had no idea how dark our little campus could get.  It made for a hectic shift, that's for sure.  

So, that's what's been up, here.  Crazy winter with little snow, now we get hit with more than we've had all winter.  Spring seems to have been put on hold.

Reading came screeching to a halt in February and I have no idea why.  I'm still planning on talking about books but I'm not sure when. 

The cat-kins are fine; fat and sassy and driving me nuts.  They seem to have spring fever big time but they don't want to venture out.  Imagine that...

Lots going on in my life, but none of it worth talking about here.  Let's just say it'll lead to changes and once everything's settled out, I may talk about it.  Or, I may not. 

It is currently 18F here, with a windchill of 11F... and that's the high for today, folks.

I hope y'all are safe, warm, and have power.  I know there are plenty of people in Michigan who are digging out and waiting for electric crews to repair the damage.  I  hope their wait is a short one!


Kailana said...

I think we have had more snow lately than we did all winter... Weird!

cj said...

Kailana -

Me, too. It's been a strange winter, for sure.